Marilyn's Place and Marilyn's Place and Learning Center are special, nicely furnished and equipped rooms of respite at New York City's Beth Israel Medical Center's Cancer Center and St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital that were created by the Brodoff family to celebrate and honor the life of Marilyn Brodoff, who passed away from cancer on August 4, 2002.
Marilyn's Place and Marilyn's Place and Learning Center provide patients who are receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy with comfortable, private places to rest and recover, access additional information about their disease, treatments and additional support services and stay connected to their home or office while in the confines of the hospital.
The Brodoff family created and operates the "Marilyn's Place" project with personal funds and the generous, on-going donations that family and friends make to the Marilyn Brodoff Memorial Fund that was set up at Beth Israel Medical Center.
Marilyn's Place and Marilyn's Place and Learning Center have provided hundreds of patients with privacy, comfort, information and entertainment, and continue to be much-needed sanctuaries to those in need.
This Web site highlights some of the notable features and accomplishments of the "Marilyn's Place" project (including details on the upcoming Marilyn's Place for Kids) and will be updated as the Brodoff family continues and expands its services.
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